How It Works

ARES GravityLine’sTM fixed motor, chain-drive system draws electricity from renewables and/or the grid to drive mass cars uphill against the force of gravity – efficiently converting electrical energy into the potential mechanical energy of mass raised to a higher elevation.  When the grid requires power, this process is reversed and the mass cars proceed downhill with the electric motors operating as generators, thereby converting the potential mechanical energy back into electricity.

The GravityLineTM storage system is made up of multiple 5MW tracks and can vary in size from 5 MW to 1 GW of power and an equivalent range of energy (MWh to GWh) depending upon weight and number of mass cars, slope and distance. ARES’ GravityLineTM design boasts duration flexibility of between 15 mins and 24+ hours.


Made in America
Utility Scale
Low Cost
Free of Water
Proven Core Machine Technology

Competitive Advantages

Site Flexibility

GravityLineTM systems  can be sited in a wide variety of locations due to an ability to operate effectively on elevation differentials as low as 200 feet.


GravityLineTM systems use chain drive rather than cable, eliminating reliability issues associated with cable, including elongation, oscillation, and difficulty of transport and repairs.

High Ramp Rate

GravityLineTM systems use steep grades providing higher elevation changes of greater masses over time, enabling higher ramp rates for both charging and discharging.

Fully Sustainable

GravityLineTM uses recycled steel rails, low carbon mass cars, sophisticated motors and electronics, freely available gravity and no water.

Scalability & Performance

5MW – 1GW
Storage Duration
15 mins– 24+ hours
Time to Max Output Discharge (optimal)
3 seconds
Time to Max Output Consumption (optimal)
3 seconds
Round-Trip Efficiency
System Life
40+ years